It would be difficult to find a more delightful walk to enjoy the summer weather. At the end of it you will feel puzzled. Why isn’t the Ribble Valley better known outside of Lancashire? But shush – let’s keep it to ourselves!

Start/Finish: Waddington Village Centre BB7 3HP


Fact file:
Distance 7 miles 11k
Time: 3 - 4 hours
Grade: Mainly easy with one gradual ascent.
Map OS OL41 The Forest of Bowland


 Map by kind permission of Johnston Press


1. From the village centre branch right just beyond the Waddington Arms to reach West Bradford Road. Pass the alms houses (a striking historical feature)


and walk along the lane for 500 yds. using a side path to the left once outside the village. After returning to the road continue past a property on the right to a footpath indicated by a sign on its out building.


Turn right onto the path. This soon leads to open fields. Keep to the right of a large storage tank crossing two stiles in quick succession. After a third stile cross a wall corner by a stone stile


and while the right of way is ahead it may be best avoiding the boggy ground by looping left but aiming for a metal gate and a wooden stile on the far side of the field. Over the stile follow hedgerow on the right to a wooden kissing gate. After this with the village of West Bradford before you


aim for a corner cross a low wall and turn right onto a narrow path following a brook.


The path leads to the end of Mill Street. Turn right at the end of it onto Clitheroe Road. After 250yds turn left through a wooden kissing gate


onto the banks of the River Ribble. There now follows a delightful amble along one of the most attractive reaches of this noble river.


After ¾ mile the path leads past a sewage works (not quite so noble but perhaps necessary)


and then continues to a footbridge. Keep ahead to arrive at a wooden gate below a flight of steps. Up the steps follow the path


as it leads to Grindleton Road on the edge of the village of…well Grindleton.

2. Turn left.

After 250 yds. on the corner of Laneside Farm turn right onto Green Lane.


Keep on this for just under a mile. Underfoot the surface changes from tarmac to compacted stone


and in some places to mud before becoming tarmac again as you near White Hall. You are also climbing - but gradually.

3. As you arrive at a large farm complex pass through the yard to the drive beyond. Turn left over a wooden stile leading into pastureland (NOT onto the drive leading to Far House.)


From this corner the path bears slightly left away from the drive crossing three fields


before dropping to


a small footbridge across West Clough Brook. On the far side the path climbs to a stile and then crosses to Lowcocks Farm. Keep ahead through the farm


and then follow its drive to a junction with Bowland Gates Lane.


Turn right to Bucks Farm. Pass the farm on your right


and then follow a track past the out buildings keeping on it


as it swings to the right to enter a field. Cross to a wooden gate in the fence line to the left and then descend through woodland to cross Drakehouse Brook.


Keep on the path as it climbs the other side to bring you to a stile by a metal gate. Traversing the next field might be problematic after prolonged wet weather as it would become boggy. Aim for its far right corner.


After a stile next to a metal gate follow the hedge to the left to reach Moor Lane. Turn right


and soon after turn left in the direction of Seedalls.


Past Seedalls the track leads onto a cluster of properties at Cuttock Clough farm. Pass this and then after a dip climb the track to Mill Farm.

4. From here the route heads south back to Waddington. Locate the footpath which is not indicated by any obvious sign by the drive just before the large gentrified building to the left and then keep left past an outbuilding


to reach a footbridge.


Over this continue following the edge of woodland down to Feazer Farm. As you approach the farm


keep to the right of a covered reservoir. When you reach the drive beyond it turn right and then after a gate on the right cross a wall over stone stile


to continue your descent to Waddington at first keeping to the right edge of fields but as you near the village picking up a grassy track


taking you past the alms houses onto West Bradford Lane.