Cotton Tree, Colne
Yet another Lancashire walk as scenic as any in the country and yet who outside of Lancashire will seek it out? Their loss and yours to enjoy without the tourists. 

Fact file

Start. Ball Grove Park accessed from Cotton Tree Lane, Winewall B6250


Distance 6miles (10k)

Time: 2 ½ - 3 ½ hours

Grade: Moderate

Map: OS OL21 The South Pennines


 Map by kind permission of Johnston Press


1. From the car park turn right onto Winewall Lane and then left on the B6250 Trawden Lane. Stay on it for 250yds to reach the driveway of an imposing house on the right.


Turn right across Trawden Brook and then aim for a wooden gate on the brow to the right of the house. Through this and still climbing got through a small gate in a wall and continue to the next corner with a wall on the right. A short distance beyond this turn sharp left on a meeting of paths towards Rings Farm.


On reaching a drive turn left and keep ahead to pass a building on the left to a stile


leading into pasture. Bear right towards the next cluster of farm buildings - Buttock Laithe Farm. Keeping to the left of these go through a wooden gate


and aim slightly right to a stile in a wall. From here the path keeps ahead over three fields to arrive on the drive


that passes Hall House Farm (distinguished by an array of disused equipment). Keep ahead and after passing a long terrace of gentrified farm buildings


turn left on a track and then immediately right on a footpath


then left again to reach the rear of Trawden Forest Primary School. Turn right on a tarmac path


that brings you to the edge of Trawden. On reaching a street turn left


and then take a footpath leading downhill that brings you onto the main street.


2. Turn left, pass the Trawden Arms and then having crossed Trawden Brook


turn right immediately after the bridge onto a footpath that soon after begins to climb pastureland. After crossing a small stream aim for Near Wanless Farm. As you reach its drive turn left and leave the farm through a gate.


When the drive bends to the left turn right through a gate into fields.


Keep ahead until you reach Little Laithe Farm. As you reach the drive


keep right of the farmhouse and go through a metal gate on the far side. Here turn left. The route now takes you to the highest part of the walk as it reaches the drive of Germany Farm.


Turn left on the drive and then as it bends left keep ahead on a path


that crosses pastures in a straight line leading downhill to the charming hamlet of Wycoller. After passing through a plantation


and following a tarmac lane you arrive in front of the ruined Wycoller Hall - thought to be the inspiration of Ferndean Manor in "Jane Eyre".


3. If you like bridges you are in for a treat - you can cross Wycoller Beck by a clapper bridge or a little downstream a packhorse bridge.


Once across turn left to join the Pendle Way with its distinctive witch's logo. After passing Pepper Hill Barn study centre


bear left and then on a bend in the road


go through a wooden gate to the right. Keep on this riverside path


for almost a mile until you reach Keighley Road. Turn right and then left to enter Laneshaw Bridge.


Cross the main road A6068 and turn left. Pass the Emmott Arms (if you can)


and turn right onto Emmott Lane.


Continue uphill to Laneshaw Bridge Primary School.


Here take a footpath just after the school drive on the left. After an enclosed path keep climbing in the field beyond bearing towards the white railings of a house. Bear left on a path that takes you behind the Alma Inn. Soon after with a trig point


in a field bear right to the far corner bringing you to Hill Lane.


Turn left, keep on it for 180yds and then take a footpath on the right. This leads across pastureland to the farmhouse Law Hill. Here at a field corner


turn left (do not go through the small gate.) gently descend to re-cross Hill Lane


and continue ahead on a drive. As this turns right keep ahead on a footpath leading to the A6068 Keighley Road.


Cross to a path opposite that after a flight of steps brings you to the woodland area of Ball Grove Park. Keep right for the car park.