Should you ever find yourself on the run from the Russian Mafia salvation is surprisingly close at hand – the Lancashire countryside because with the exception of a few discerning individuals (my readers!) – no one ever goes there. One part in particular is completely overlooked; that section of the Ribble Valley between the A59 and the river. This has been called elsewhere “The Ribble Verge” because the road acts as a barrier to create an east-west green corridor of woods and fields in which wildlife can flourish.  

Start. Lay-by beyond Huntley's Country Store PR5 0UN



Distance: 3½ miles 6k

Time: 2-3 hours

Grade: Easy

Map: OS Explorer 287 West Pennine Moors


 Map by kind permission of Johnston Press


1. Walk along the lay-by in the direction of Whalley. Just before the lay-by meets the A59 at Myerscough Arms (at present shut) turn left onto a farm road. This leads down to a white farmhouse (Rigby Fold).


As you near the house take a footpath to its right which leads across a paddock and then crosses a pair of stiles alongside an outbuilding. In the next field follow a waymark sign right. After a stile in a fence keep ahead aiming to the left of the farm complex. (Moorhouse Farm). The path turns right just beyond them over a stile with a dog hatch next to it.


Continue to the next stile which places you on Woods Brow. Turn right and just before the A59 turn left onto the farm drive for Fish House.


After 150yds turn right over a stile


and with Bae Samlesbury obvious on the right and Fish House to the left keep ahead to descend into a wooded valley to the left of a very secluded property the roof of which can be seen through the trees. After passing through a wooden gate


keep ahead to descend through a meadow to a grassy bridge.


On the far side climb up a steep slope bearing slightly right and then locate a gap in the shrubs


that leads to a stile.


Follow the field fence-line on the right through two fields to a junction of rights of way. Without a sign this is not obvious but is close a gateway fenced with strips of corrugated metal. There is also a large pond to your left. Turn left. Now keep the hedgerow to your right as you make your way across large pastures. After a stile


enter an area of mature trees bearing slightly left to cross a stile on a path leading down to Mellor Brook and a substantial wooden footbridge.


Climb up the slope to Daisy Hill. Keep to the left of the farm and then turn right through a metal gate


to enter the complex. Keep ahead between buildings to the yard in front of the house and then turn left onto the drive.


At the end of the drive turn left onto Jacksons Banks Lane and in a short distance cross a wooden stile in a hedge on the right.


Bear left to a stile in hedgerow and then follow the path as it skirts woodland to the right to descend to Balderstone Hall close by the River Ribble.


As the path nears the hall it goes behind the complex to intercept a lane. A short detour through the complex is recommended for a superlative view of the river.


2. At the point where you joined the lane walk along it to where it bends left. Here enter the yard of a dilapidated farm


crossing to a metal gate. After passing through it keep ahead for a little under 50yds to turn right towards the river and walk what seems like a broad green lane with hedgerow either side. After a corner cross a stile on the left just beyond it turn right at walk to the metal gate in the right hand corner.


Do not go through it but turn left and keep hedgerow on your right keep on this track to reach the large complex of Lower House Farm. Keep to the left of the buildings and then after a kissing gate


bear right to reach the drive. Follow the drive


to Bezza Lane. Turn left. After 150 yards turn right


onto the drive of Pickering Fold Farm. When you reach it cross its yard to a narrow passageway


and descend to a footbridge over Bezza Brook.


Over the bridge keep left and then after a stile climb a steep slope to the fields above. As you emerge go through a gateway and then bear left to a stile in a fence.


Across this turn right to quickly arrive at Rigby Fold where you retrace your outward steps to the lay-by.