This walk will immerse you in a countryside so attractive you’ll wonder why it doesn’t feature in the list Top 10 Places to Visit in England. Perhaps one day it will so until then you can enjoy it in peace.

Start. Slaidburn Village car park (Pay and display) BB7 3ES

Distance: 5 ½ miles 9k

Time: 2 ½ - 3 ½ hours

Grade: Moderate with one sustained climb

Map: OS OL41 The Forest of Bowland & Ribblesdale


 Map by kind permission of Johnston Press


1. From the car park cross the road to a large green,


continue to the river bank and turn right. The first part of the walk follows the lovely River Hodder as it gently chatters its way downstream towards Newton. As you reach the end of the green climb up an embankment cross and couple of stiles and continue with the river to your left.


At a water treatment plant the way passes to its right


through trees emerges onto a track, turns left and then continues across a broad pasture.


Just past a bridge follow the fence line into a corner cross a stile to enter woodland on a track


between the river and Great Dunnow Hill. After a kissing gate leading into pasture keep ahead to enter an enclosed path


with hedgerow to the right. Keep ahead on this until a wall on the right. Cross this by a step stile and then after a footbridge keep ahead


to reach Hallgate Hill (B6478).

2. Turn right to enter the village of Newton-in-Bowland. Pass Newton Hall on the right and the Parkers Arms on the left


and walk the slope to the junction with the Dunsop Road. By a telephone box opposite follow a drive towards an attractive cottage and then bear left


across a patch of green to a ladder stile. Here commences the only significant climb of the walk. As you attain height don't forget to look behind you when you pause to catch your breath - there is some magnificence to behold. After a ladder stile aim for a solidly built stone barn


slightly right in the next field. The way has levelled off and after crossing a stile to the left of the barn there are stunning views ahead of the Bowland Fells. Aim in the direction of a prominent wind turbine continuing to a stile in a fence. Bear slightly right aiming towards the large farm complex of Crawshaw. Cross a step stile in a wall and then a stile in a fence bearing left


to a ladder stile over the wall on the far side of the farm. After this turn right to pick a path which after a stile next to a gate follows a wall on the right before dropping to a stile to the right of a metal gate close to a field corner. With a wall on the right continue


to arrive at Pain Hill a farm. Do not enter the farm yard but cross to a stone stile


and then bear slightly left descending to a brook. Cross this and then a stile in a wall,


then a stile in a fence to join a path that becomes a track leading uphill to Parrock Head.


After crossing the next stile (one of the best you'll ever encounter) and crossing the yard (one of the cleanest you'll ever encounter) turn right


and follow the drive down to a lane. Cross to a stile in a fence


and then with a fence to the left continue to a stile by a metal gate. On a waymarked path continue on this course now


with a large farm ahead. As you near it keep to the left of a large barn to reach a farm road on its far side.

3. Turn right. Head downhill soon arriving at Myttons


once the location of a craft centre. In the yard bear right to enter a green lane.


(Of the three identical gates here take the middle one!) On entering pasture keep to the wall on the left and then in the next field bear right across a broad pasture


that dips towards Croasdale Brook. Cross it by a stone slab bridge and then the wall beyond. Turn left.


The route now follows the brook back to Slaidburn. The path is always clear. Just before the village it enters a wooded glade to join a lane.


Turn left pass the Hark to Bounty Inn and the war memorial to return to the car park.

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